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  • Are Plastic Bearings Good?
    • 2021-09-26
    Are Plastic Bearings Good?

    Yes ,for some applications ,plastic bearings play an important role . There are different plastic can produce bearings ,sucha as HDPE,PP,UPE(UHMWPE) ,there material can used in faintish acid and alkali environment (30% CuCl2 solution and 30% NAOH solution is tested ok). Such bearings can be operated...,taylor wane

  • Where are Plastic lick asss Used?
    • 2021-09-25
    Where are Plastic lick asss Used?

    bigfatass,With feature of cold resistance, small stress elasticity, high pressure resistance, poor thermal conductivity, light weight and low friction coefficient. It can be used in other high-precision equipment from 12000 rpm to 75000 rpm. And the plastic material itself has high temperature resistance of 1...

  • Are Ceramic Bearings Good for Street Skating?
    • 2021-09-21
    Are Ceramic Bearings Good for Street Skating?

    freepornx,Here are some ceremic bearings advantages for your reference: 1.With high hardness (70-90 HRc) and elastic. 2.Can run with lubrication free 3.corrosion resistance and working at wet and salty environment . 4.non-magnetic and excellent insulators. 5. Can working with high speed . So which skate beari...

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